Kamishiiba Dam

Name Kamishiiba Dam
Address Shimofukura, Shiibason, Higashiusuki-gun, Miyazaki wire bridge
Inquiry Shiiba-son tourist association TEL: 0982-67-3139
Access Is car than Shiiba-son office; ten minutes

One of the arch-type dams on behalf of Japan

By dam for generation of Kyushu Electric Power management, it is 111m in height, 341m in length, arch-type concrete dam of total pondage 91.55 million cube. In large-scale arch dam that we began in Japan, we had a great influence on the later Japanese engineering works technology.

The highlight of Kamishiiba Dam

First Japanese large-scale arch-type dam

Shortening for term of works and reduction of material realized with thing to use strong bedrock of both sides, and to impute the water pressure to sidewall by arch action, and to support whereas arch-type dam was dam representing form of arc which did arrangement in direction of reservoir, and conventional gravity type dam supported the water pressure with weight of dam itself. We mobilized total cost of construction 14.9 billion yen, total number of man-days 5 million and we started construction in 1950 and were completed on May 26, 1955. Damage caused by typhoon No.12 of September, 1954 was serious, and upper Shiiba power station was damaged, and construction plants were washed a lot away, too. However, dam main unit proved the durability for flood of arch-type dam really unhurt.

Kyushu-Chuo Sanchi Seminational Park, 100 selections of dam lakes

Artificial lake formed of Kamishiiba Dam is named "Lake Shiiha Hyuga" by novelist Eiji Kikkawa and receives authorization of 100 selections of Lake dam from dam water source environment center by recommendation of hometown, Shiibason in 2005 (Heisei 17). Is appointed in Kyushu-Chuo Sanchi Seminational Park. Magnificent dam drainage may be seen at rainy time.

Access to Kamishiiba Dam