We have power from country-designated huge tree which grew up with ground of Shiiba-son more than 800 years years old and, in old folk house in ten root river traditional buildings preservation districts, are experience of mountain yoga under the new moon.
We refresh fatigue in Nature!

Both mountain yoga - heart and body are refreshed in old folk house!

The date From June 16, 2019 to September 15, 2019
Holding time
Holding place
Membership fee 5,000 yen (one)
Remarks ■Time: Every month third Sunday
■The time required: 10:00-13:00
■Constant number: Ten (four smallest running number of people)
■Clothes: Mobile appearance
■Bringing product: Towel, luxury goods, drink

Shiiba-son of the Japan's three biggest unexplored regions. While thing to block looks at superb view in old folk house among the open beautiful deep mountains, we experience mountain yoga.
After mountain yoga experience, we can enjoy native district meal of Shiiba while surrounding hearth.

Application 08:30-17:00 over telephone


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